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Thesis: Business Model Development for the Silver Economy Market

Business development related thesis has been published as a commission to Silver Economy Project; Business Model Development for the Silver Economy Market. The purpose of this thesis was to examine the theory behind business model development and how it can be applied to the Silver Economy market. Writer Karri Kuosmanen studied International Business at the Karelia University of Applied Sciences.

Welcome to Silver Economy project’s homepages

 Welcome to Silver Economy – Turning The Silver Tsunami Into A Silver Lining project’s home page. We invite you to our community of developers and experts interested to delevelop services for older adults. SMErec project aims to provide SMEs information about Silver Economy, 50plus and age-friendly services and to provide SMEs skills and expertise in Silver Economy development. Addition to skills, as a project result new Silver Economy services and products will be developed. Silver Economy-project will also work in transnational co-operation with partner projects in Germany and Poland.